Wex Rental

How we designed the go-to place for hiring photo and video equipment


  • Information architecture
  • Visual Design
  • UI and UX Design
  • Web Development


  • Retail


  • 2021

Camera rental made easy

Wex Rental provide professional photographic equipment hire to photographers and videographers across the UK.

Wex challenged us to create an ecommerce experience and website for their new camera rental service, Wex Rental positioning them as the go-to place for hiring photo and video equipment. The goal was to make selecting products, dates and delivery as easy as ordering an Uber.


Wex needed a site that would allow them to effortlessly manage products, page content, and various search engine metrics and also to easily update marketing campaigns across the site. The website needed to reflect professionalism and ease of use.

Part of our ongoing support is to maintain and improve upon the website visibility in search engine rankings. We’ve handled automatic sitemap configurations and submissions, 301 redirect strategy for legacy products, search console data and technical SEO.

We continue to work with Wex Rental to coordinate additional site improvements, new pages, micro sites, social media assets, and additional creative support.