With over 100,000 page views per month Podpads needed a digital partner they could rely on

Podpads are the largest luxury camping brand across the UK and European festivals. With an ever growing list of festivals and a varied audience, the website required a clear structure, easy to find information and most importantly, a simple reliable booking process.

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A CMS that manages more than just website content

We built a highly reliable billing infrastructure into the heart of the CMS to manage all aspects of the business. From editing content, managing orders, processing individual and repeat payments, creating reports and exporting a ledger for accounting - we help keep the business on a solid footing.


Powerful automated email and SMS marketing

Email and SMS is core to communicating with Podpad’s customer base. Our ecommerce platform seamlessly integrates with third party email and SMS marketing platforms. Automated contact lists are generated and open rates are fed back in the system realtime.

Automated Repeat Payments

Payment plans was something Podpads wanted to get right and allow more people to book luxury camping then ever before. Our automated system processes thousands of monthly repeat payments making it a breeze to manage.

ecommerce and billing system for event website

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