We crafted a beautiful website the world's largest hot-air balloon manufacturer.

Cameron Balloons are the world's most popular, most experienced and largest manufacturer of hot-air balloons. They make balloons for both balloonists and corporate clients around the world, and have sold over ten thousand balloons globally since 1972. All designed and built in Bristol, England.

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“Working with Design Militia has been really good – they listen, create what is asked for, with a sprinkling of their great, additional “in-tune” ideas. We wanted ease of use to serve existing balloonists, new clients and also for staff uploading future content and their help and support has been tremendous. Launch of course was delayed by the pandemic but our hot-air balloon building company, now in its 50th year of business, can rightly be proud of our new website which represents our unerring support for our sport of lighter-than-air flight and the world’s elite, competitive, aerial-work-business, sport or passenger hot-air balloonist.”

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