Unified brand experience and web presence

2PVentures are a hospitality solutions company providing distribution, operations and marketing solutions to the hotel industry. They hired us to design a unified brand experience and web presence.

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An updated logo and brand mark

We reviewed the existing logo, highlighted the critical points and designed a new monogram which is visually more balanced and suitable for both digital and print applications.

Later on, we developed a complete visual language with the introduction of a new colour palette, and applied it on business cards, letterheads and other promotional materials.

Old Brand

Old Logo

New Brand

Logo comparison

New Brand

New Logo (Bolder, no ligature and new colour palette)

Responsively designed and accessible everywhere

2PVentures works with thousands of hotels all over the US, Canada, UK and Europe. The new website focuses on showcasing their hospitality solutions, and explaining why hoteliers should make the switch to their innovative modern solution.

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