GPS Links

How we increased conversion rates with a new B2B website


  • Branding
  • Information architecture
  • Visual Design
  • UI and UX Design
  • Web Development


  • Systems Integration


  • 2022

Website experience

GPS Links reached out to our team to help them with their brand and website. We designed a modular design system fusing the latest technology to reflect the innovative nature of their brand while positioning them as makert leaders.

We continue to work with GPS Links to coordinate additional site improvements, new pages, micro sites, social media assets, and additional creative support.

GPS has worked with Design Militia for almost seven years, through two website designs, two conifgurators, online marketing projects, graphic design and continuous content development that has helped to shape our identity and generate significant website traffic and inbound enquiries. To work with an agency that long is remarkable, which has been down to working with talented people who have the confidence to challenge the brief and provide alternative ideas with the emphasis on the end user experience.

T. Harrison - Marketing & Compliance Manager