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How we built the next iteration of G-Builder


  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development


  • Energy


  • 2020

A transformed digital budget costing tool

Design manufacturing and systems integration of bespoke and modular Motor Control Centres (MCC)

G-builder is a budget costing tool that enables project planners to design complex MCC configurations with a live rendering and cost breakdown without the need for an engineer or lengthy quotation process. This tool is extremely helpful in securing funding in the early planning stages of a project where technical specifications aren't finalised.


We were tasked with designing and building the next iteration of G-builder, having previously worked on the first release. Although successful, the first release was basic in its implementation and design, and adjustments were either cumbersome or required restarting.

Whilst designing wireframes, we developed a prototype to explore the idea of a possible drag and drop concept, allowing users to easily re-order cubicles from a library of components onto an empty MCC frame. Working with prototypes enables a quicker turnaround and testing of feasibility. The prototype proved popular and went to build the foundation of the new tool.

Version 1 - menu driven linear process

Low-fidelity prototyping — exploring drag and drop

The second version of the MCC configurator is a step change in design capability, usability and technical detail for customers, producing very accurate drawings and costings for space planning and feasibility. Drag and drop has been a revelation for users in terms of speed in compiling designs and the simplicity of changing and developing them to achieve the final technical specification. This has been a complex and difficult project that Design Militia have handled brilliantly in terms of the technical usability solution, and guiding GPS through the development process.

T. Harrison - Marketing & Compliance Manager