Cameron Balloons

How we helped to close more deals and speed up growth


  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development


  • Manufacturing


  • 2022

A unified and simplified sales platform

Cameron Balloons manufacture over 500 balloons per year for customers across the globe, from their Bristol HQ. Over the years Cameron Balloons have built a strong network of internationally approved dealers.

We worked with the UK sales team to overhaul their sales process and replace it with a unified single platform for all sales activities across the dealership. The new digital platform allows dealers across the globe to create quotes, manage customers and close deals faster.

The challenge

The main challenge was designing an intuitive user interface for people across the globe on a variety of devices and networks. In order to gain traction from the entire dealership the platform had to be easier than the previous process and yet address various workflows. Each design iteration was tested to provide real world feedback in order to meet user expectations and gain adoption.

We also worked with the team to bring their entire inventory online, allow the system to work across various currencies, and to be easily updated and managed.